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Classroom Behaviour Management



Positive Behaviour Transformations

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Created for Teachers, Educators, Students and Parents

“Responsibility Theory is a must read book. The number one area where teachers, children and young people have problems in school environments is that of managing behaviours. Ragnar’s book offers fresh, insightful and actionable information that empowers the children to realise their responsibility of their own behaviour and for their learning.”


Professor Ken Purnell PhD University Lecturer

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Ragnar Purje

Dr Ragnar Purje PhD is one of Australia’s leaders in the field of personal and classroom behaviour management. Read more.

Available at EDSCO!

Responsibility Theory book and classroom resource posters are now available at EDSCO! Click here.

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Praise for Responsibility Theory

I have no hesitation in recommending Responsibility Theory to any teacher, school administration or government department. Ragnar’s responsible behaviour management endeavours to assist the student to understand who is ultimately responsible for their behaviour and what strategies or techniques they can employ to minimise the reoccurrence of further episodes of inappropriate behaviour. Brett McCook, Dip. Jus. B.A.Ed.

Secondary Teacher

I have been a teacher for four years and I have worked in remote aboriginal communities and in suburban areas. I am so excited about this classroom behaviour management program that I believe every teacher should know about it. The program is simple, but extremely effective as it gives students ownership over their responsibilities and behaviours. This program would work in any classroom, in any year level. Shonel Murnane

Primary Teacher