About Dr Ragnar Purje PhD

Responsibility Theory (Who’s got the power?), is certain to make an important contribution in the field of personal and classroom behaviour management where teachers, administrators, students and parents can all work together, the aim of which is to provide students with the knowledge and the power to make positive choices, not only in the classroom, but also for their entire life. Dr Ragnar Purje is also the author of ANRME© Advanced Neurological Restructuring and Muscular Enhancement (with accompanying testimonials), which he published in 2011, where he reported on his unique applied movement therapy (which he first initiated in 1993), and associated neurological and brain plasticity research.

Academic Qualifications

2016: PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience) CQ University.

2006: Master of Education (Leadership & Management): University of Southern Queensland.

2005: Master of Education (Guidance & Counselling): University of Southern Queensland.

2004: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology): University of New England.

2003: Master of Education: University of Southern Queensland.

2002: Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training: Learning Network Queensland.

1998: Graduate Diploma (Health Counselling): Victoria University.

1994: Graduate Certificate (Communication): Victoria University.

1993: Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Sports Sciences: Victoria University.

1983: Graduate Diploma in Sports Science: Deakin University.

1981: Graduate Diploma in Education: Melbourne University.

1980: Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education): Victoria University.

Professional interests and achievements:

2011: Speaker at the Mind and its Potential Conference in Sydney.

Featured on YouTube that deals with ANRME (Advanced Neurological Restructuring and Muscular Enhancement).

I have developed, applied and had published my work in the area of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and neurological rehabilitation.

The associated psychotherapies I have utilised and applied have been CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy); Glasser’s Reality Therapy; the Person Centred Therapy of Carl Rogers; and the Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy of Albert Ellis.

The ANRME Therapy has been published in the International Wellbeing, Spring Edition, No. 93, 2003. The book is also available at the National Library at Canberra.

2011: Poster finalist at the ASMR (Australian Society for Medical Research) conference Registered and qualified teacher Endorsed Guidance Officer Education Queensland USQ Career Mentor. A program which prepares students for their transition from university to employment.

Endorsed ACCESS Ministries School Chaplain Former National Coaching Director of the Australian Karate Federation Former President of the Australian Karate Federation (Victoria) Former Sports Coach advisor of the Australian Karate Federation (Victoria) Former Official with the World Union of Karate-Do Organisations Former Chair of the Victorian Referees’ Commission for the AKF of Victoria Former Australian Karate Champion.

Relevant Professional skills

ANRME Advanced Neurological Restructuring and Muscular Enhancement.

Director and Chief Instructor of the International Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Academy Mindful movement meditation and fitness through the practice of Goju Karate Personal Fitness Training through the practice of Goju Karate Goju.

Fitness through the practice of Goju Karate Life Coach Author of Responsibility Theory.