An Exciting New Approach in Personal and Classroom Behaviour Management

  • Positive Behaviour Transformations
  • Real World Applied Methodology
  • Behaviour Improvement Tools
  • Created for Teachers, Educators, Students and Parents

Teachers, administrators, parents and significant others all play a crucial role in the education and personal growth of our younger generation, while at the same time facing the ongoing challenge of trying to often convince students how universally critical it is they value and embrace their learning and education so they will grow and mature in their academic knowledge and all-important social skills, emotional strength and confidence.

Responsibility Theory presents ten simple precepts which provides teachers, educators and parents with the tools to empower their students with the knowledge and insight that they are responsible for what they think, do, say, choose and learn; and to then use this knowledge and power to take control of their thinking and behaviour, which can help them to positively advance their well-being, their social skills and academic potential, not only for today, but forever.

This exciting new approach has been created over many years of real world classroom application and associated research, and is now being used by primary and secondary teachers,to tertiary educators, who are benefitting from the remarkable results this new way in personal and classroom behaviour management is helping to deliver positive results and outcomes for everyone.

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Title: Responsibility Theory
Subtitle: An Exciting New Approach in Personal and Classroom Behaviour Management
Subject: Behavioural management
ISBN: 978-0-9923011-0-1

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Praise for Responsibility Theory

“I have no hesitation in recommending Responsibility Theory to any teacher, school administration or government department. Ragnar’s responsible behaviour management endeavours to assist the student to understand who is ultimately responsible for their behaviour and what strategies or techniques they can employ to minimise the reoccurrence of further episodes of inappropriate behaviour.” Brett McCook, Dip. Jus., B.A.Ed.

Secondary Teacher

“I have been a teacher for four years and I have worked in remote aboriginal communities and in suburban areas…I am so excited about this classroom behaviour management program that I believe every teacher should know about it. The program is simple, but extremely powerful and effective as it gives students ownership over their responsibilities and behaviours. This program would work in any classroom, in any year level, at any school and with all students.” Shonel Murnane

Primary Teacher

“Ragnar has been working with my students and me…at my school. I am thrilled with the results and have found that even the students who are well behaved have taken on more responsibility for their behaviour
and learning. This is the MOST successful program I have ever used in modifying and handling student’s behaviour…the program is simple, easy to implement and hugely successful. I highly recommend it to all teachers and all classrooms.” Toni Burley

Primary Teacher